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Welcome to Underground Championship Wrestling!

We at UCW-Wrestling are proud to bring you the best young wrestlers (that's us!) in hot, high-energy wrestling action. We are trained performers and skilled athletes who enjoy putting on a show that pleases you, our home viewing audience. In the tradition of the great underground wrestling groups of the past, this is the type of sports entertainment you've been looking for!

Our action also features plenty of body strikes and punching, classic gut work-overs, and also plenty of good old-fashioned dirty tactics (that makes it more fun for us!). It's "anything goes" in our "ring", we do whatever it takes to win by submission, pin, or knockout.

Warning: This isn't the cheesy fake "wrestling" you may see on other sites.

See the Custom page for more information about having custom videos done.  
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Last Month's 2 BIG Sellers

[399] Max Ryder vs Tyson the Hammer $14.99 30min 
Fan Mail

Hi Michael, I have just watched the new match with Hiro and Billy for about the 50th time. What a great ass...move over Jack and Eli I think Hiro has the best ass in UCW! Hope we will see a lot more of him soon. Would love to see CJ have his way with him.. I'm still drooling. -Scott

Thanks a bunch!  UCW has rapidly become my favourite wrestling site.  It's nice to know their customer service matches the quality of their fights :)  Take care. -Paul

The most recent strip video was awesome! -Michael

Hello Michael, Just the other day purchased your latest match #322 which features Aron and Axel and I am delighted with the match and the contents. Kind regards -David (UK) 

OMG! More more more more more more more :-)  Oh & welcome back Aron :-)      Missed ya buddy.  -Jim

GREAT  Erik is a great find.  Hope we see more matches with him - great body, good technique.. -Don

Just saw the preview of Tyson vs Pvt Marino and it looks hot..... -Jamal

hi, ucw you guys are doing a great job love the matches my favorites squash job matches keep up the good work. -John

I recently brought and downloaded the match between Johnny Deep and Jack Marino. I really liked it, well done!  -Stav
[343] Hiro vs Johnny Deep in Oil 31min $13.99
[346] Dakota Bravo vs Hiro 25min $13.99
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